Is Vikas Khanna a sister?

Vikas Khanna

Is Radhika Khanna real sister of Vikas Khanna?

Radhika Khanna, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna’s sister, died on February 28 due to multiple organ failures caused by Lupus. Vikas Khanna remembered Radha Khanna with a video and a photo on Instagram.

Is Vikas Khanna physically handicapped?

He was born with a leg deformity (club foot) and wasn’t able to run until he was 13 years old. He was inspired by his Biji (grandmother) who loved to cook, and her kitchen became a part of his foundational training.

Who is the owner of MasterChef India?

In 2010, Star India purchased the rights for producing MasterChef India in Hindi.

Who owns Junoon NYC?

Junoon, which means passion, is the Michelin starred restaurant that Khanna set up with Rajesh Bhardwaj, a Delhi-born food services entrepreneur in New York, in 2009. Spread over 25,000 sq ft in the heart of Manhattan, it has a waitlist of over three months for the guests.

Did Junoon lose its Michelin star?

Junoon is the recipient of a prestigious Michelin star the year it opened and has earned the same coveted award 8 years in a row.