Why does Viktor Axelsen speak Chinese?

Why does Viktor Axelsen speak Chinese?

Axelsen, whose Chinese name is An Sai Long, a play on words that mixes his surname with the character for “dragon”, started to practise the language seven years ago with the hope of learning “just a bit of survival Chinese” for his tournaments in China.

Why is Viktor Axelsen moving to Dubai?

“Dubai gave me less travel time and better recovery when I played in Asia,” Axelsen wrote on his Facebook page. The second is the health factor which is the reason. Axelsen also considered health factors in his decision. He suffers from asthma and acute rhinitis.

Who is the most famous badminton player?

Best Badminton Player in the world: Lin Dan Topping the list of the greatest badminton players ever is none other than Lin Dan. A former Chinese player who holds a record of 666 wins to 131 titles, he is widely considered the greatest badminton player ever.