Where is Ana villafañe from?

Ana Villafañe

Is Ana villafañe Cuban?

Ana Villafañe was a Cuban-American theater and film actress who broke out in 2015 for portraying Gloria Estefan in the Broadway musical “On Your Feet” (2015).

Who is KT in younger?

EXCLUSIVE: Ana Villafañe has joined the cast of Younger as the Paramount+ series heads into its seventh and final season. The Sunnyside and New Amsterdam actress will recur as KT, a highly organized type-A music manager to Floaty V, a very needy, on-the-go pop star.

Where does the last name Villafane come from?

Villafañe is a Last Name that comes from a small town in the Province of León in Spain, named Villafañe. Villafaña is not related to the Villafañe’s family. Notable people with the surname include: Ángel de Villafañe (born 1504), Spanish conquistador of Florida, Mexico, and Guatemala.