What is Ville Valo doing?

Half a decade on from the end of gothic rock heroes HIM, frontman Ville Valo is gearing up to release his debut solo album. And in Neon Noir, not only did the Finnish icon find a reason to keep going during the pandemic, it also sees Ville still very much enjoying his dreamy journey into the dark side…

Who created the heartagram?

Ville Valo created the heartagram; he is the lead singer of the Finnish band HIM. The heartagram stands as the visual symbol for the band.

Did HIM change their name?

Their first band name was His Infernal Majesty. The band changed the name to HIM from the “Wicked Game” single onwards, though the single for “Your Sweet Six Six Six” includes a ‘His Infernal Majesty’ sticker.

Is Ville Valo vegan?

Ville Valo is a vegetarian singer Ville Hermanni Valo is a Finnish singer, songwriter, and frontman of the Finnish rock band HIM.