Who did Vin Diesel dated?

In the late ’90s, he dated model and actress Samantha Phillips. They were together for a year. After that, The Last Witch Hunter star was rumored to be dating Boat Trip actress Michelle Ruben. In the early 2000s, tabloids feasted on his scandalous relationship with Myla Sinanaj.

Did Vin Diesel and Michelle ever date?

2001 – 2001Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel dated around the time they filmed “The Fast and the Furious” together.

When did Vin Diesel date Michelle Rodriguez?

In 2001, she reportedly dated her Fast & Furious co-star Vin Diesel. In 2013, Entertainment Weekly quoted her as saying, “I’ve gone both ways.

Has Johnny Depp dated?

But the “Aquaman” actress is far from Depp’s first Hollywood romance, as he’s dated some of the biggest names from the ’80s to today.