What does Vince Friese ride?

Consider these facts; Vince is now 31 years old, while his MCR Honda is a great dirt bike, it is not a factory bike, and his strong development skills along with his riding, have led him to ride for the same team for seven years!

Why did Vince Friese go to 250?

A move to the 250 Class will put the veteran racer against a very competitive field, and his experience and riding style will be an even match against the young talent. “It’s great to be with the MotoConcepts team for another year, especially with this plan to split my time between the 250 and 450 Class,” said Friese.

Who won 250 Supercross?

Supercross LIVE! . @_ChristianCraig is your 2022 250SX West Champion! Be sure to catch up on all of our Supercross coverage.

How old was Kevin Windham when he retired from Supercross?

Windham, 34, ended his 19-year pro career on Saturday night at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The veteran wrapped up his career with 19 wins, more than 200 Supercross starts (second on the career list), two Supercross Lites titles, and three runner-up Supercross points finishes.