How many children did Vincent Jackson have?

Jackson and VanDeweghe had three children together: Carter, Amaya, and Dominick, as reported by the Greeley Tribune. Although he was private about his personal life, he occasionally posted on his Instagram about his children.

How much was the NFL concussion settlement?

Insurance companies claim that $997 million has been paid out in the NFL concussion settlement.

Who has most concussions in NFL?

The top three positions that lead to the most concessions are cornerbacks, wide receivers, and linebackers.

How many NFL players have CTE?

The same study examined the brains of 202 football players at different levels of the game, including high school and college. It found CTE in 87% of the players studied, USA TODAY reported.

What caused Vincent Jackson’s death?

Vincent Jackson died from chronic alcohol use, medical examiner says.

What was Demaryius Thomas Cause of death?

Demaryius Thomas