What happened Adam Vine?

The substances found in his body were fentanyl—a powerful opioid pain reliever, flualprazolam—a tranquilizer, mitragynine—a psychoactive ingredient of the botanical substance kratom, ethanol—alcohol, and cocaine, which the coroner wrote Adam had taken not long before his death.

What happened to the welcome to Chili’s kid?

Adam Perkins, the former Vine star best known for his viral “Welcome to Chili’s” clip, died on Sunday at the age of 24. Perkins’ twin brother, Patrick, announced Adam’s passing on Instagram late Tuesday night, posting a series of photos of the brothers together.

How old is Adam Perkins?

Adam Perkins, the Vine star best known for his viral “Welcome to Chili’s” video, died Sunday. He was 24.

How did the Hi Welcome to Chili’s guy?

Adam Perkins’ famous 2015 clip on the now-closed app was viewed more than 20 million times over the course of a year. Vine star Adam Perkins, behind the viral ‘Welcome to Chili’s’ video, has died at the age of 24. His death was confirmed on Instagram by his twin brother Patrick.