Does Vinesauce Joel have diabetes?

Joel has type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. It doesn’t bother him much; or at least, he’s learned to live with it. In Part 7 of “Rimworld”, it is revealed that Joel has to take insulin shots for his diabetes.

Why did GPM leave Vinesauce?

In 2021, GeePM backed controversial allegations of misconduct against Vinesauce, severing his ties to the community.

What is Joel’s personality?

Joel doesn’t give much away on the surface. He’s stoic, emotionally unavailable, and mercilessly practical. It is easiest to penetrate his psyche through his relationships with others; his behaviours around those close to him often betray his underlying motivations, which he would prefer to remain well hidden.

What nationality is Vinesauce?

Vincent Franzetti, a.k.a. Vincent “Funny Calzone Man” Pizzapasta, or just Vinny Vinesauce, is a popular Twitch streamer and Youtube star. He was born in Staten Island, New York. Vinesauce is of Italian descent; maybe that explains his deep love for pizza, one of his all-time favorite foods.