Who is Vinnie Hacker related to?

His brother Reggie Hacker also has a significant TikTok following. Reggie boasts 155K followers and has received nearly 1.3 million likes on his account, @reggieisahacker, but posts a lot less frequently than his older brother.

Does Vinnie Hacker have an older brother?

He grew up alongside his older brother Vinnie. Reggie Hacker’s brother is a TikToker. He currently has over 15 million followers on his TikTok account. He is also a professional baseball player.

What is Vinnie hackers type?

Vinnie Hacker’s ideal match is a partner with the sun at 18/30° VIRGO or PISCES. Vinnie Hacker would be particularly well-matched to someone who mirrors their underlying psychic and unconscious aspirations.

Where does Vinnie Hacker live now?

Hacker was born in Seattle and is a Cancer. He also played baseball during his high school years. Hacker grew up Catholic but hasn’t shared much about his religious upbringing or beliefs online. He currently resides in North Hollywood, California, as can be seen in his YouTube video titled “A Day in NOHO.”