Did Vinny sell his house in Staten Island?

This Is How Vinny Guadagnino’s Mom Reacted When He Sold His Staten Island Home (Exclusive) “Italian moms are definitely masters at guilt.” As “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” celebrates its monumental 100th episode this week, star Vinny Guadagnino is marking a milestone of his own: Selling his Staten Island home.

Does Vinny Guadagnino still live in Staten Island?

In a clip recently shared on YouTube — though filmed by MTV a while ago — the “Jersey Shore” star had to break the news that he sold his Staten Island house and was moving to Los Angeles after buying a $3.5 million mansion on the West Coast.

How much did Vinny sell his house in Staten Island for?

The 34-year-old ended up selling the home for $3.85 million, $355,000 more than he paid for it just nine months prior.

Where did Vinny buy a house?

Vinny bought a house in L.A. in 2021. When Vinny bought his L.A. house, he shared images about the purchase on Instagram.