What movie did Viola Davis win Oscar for?

What movie did Viola Davis win Oscar for?

Davis is a four-time Oscar nominee, winning supporting actress for “Fences” (2016), and “The Woman King” is among her very best endeavors yet.

How much does Viola Davis get paid?

Viola Davis – US$600,000 per episode Like her fellow cast mates, Davis will be earning a cool US$600,000 for each episode of The First Lady.

Who has won a Razzie and an Oscar in the same year?

Razzie and Oscar Three people won both a Razzie and an Oscar the same weekend: composer Alan Menken in 1993, screenwriter Brian Helgeland in 1997, and actress Sandra Bullock in 2010, though all three won for different films (for example, Helgeland won a Razzie for The Postman and an Oscar for L.A. Confidential).

Which actor has won both a Golden Raspberry and an Oscar?

Ben Affleck Affleck won his first Oscar in 1998 for co-writing the Good Will Hunting screenplay with Matt Damon. In 2013, he nabbed a win for Best Picture as a producer on Argo. In between that, he was named worst actor at the Razzies for three of his 2003 films, Daredevil, Gigli and Paycheck.