Where is Vipin Sahu from?

Some Lesser Known Facts About Vipin Sahu He was born and brought up in Banda, Uttar Pradesh.

Who is the paragliding guy?

Vipin Sahu became an internet sensation in 2019 after a video of his first experience of paragliding went viral, where he was too scared to fly. Video of him begging the instructor to make it land inspired a tsunami of memes and spoofs, making him an internet icon overnight.

Who is Vipin Khatri?

Vipin Khatri – Deputy Manager – Mynd Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Who is Vipin Rathore?

Vipin Rathore – Senior Vice President – Citi | LinkedIn.

Who is Vipin Peter?

Founder of @volterixfitness. Founder of PETER’S GYM. Founder of @peters_sports_nutrition. For more Information DM+917304646162.

Who is Vipin George?

Vipin George – Co-Founder – Oculus robotics and automation | LinkedIn.