Who is the youngest Deputy Governor of RBI?

Who is the youngest Deputy Governor of RBI?

Viral V. Acharya (born 1 March 1974) is an Indian economist who was appointed as Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Where is Viral Acharya now?

Acharya is the C.V. Starr Professor of Economics in the Department of Finance at New York University Stern School of Business (NYU-Stern).

Who is RBI governor now?

Reserve Bank of India

What is RBI Governor salary?

RBI Governor Salary The sources claim that the RBI Governor of India receives a monthly salary of 350,000. In addition to receiving a salary, the governor is also entitled to a rent-free official dwelling, free utilities, and transportation.

Who is the highest officer in RBI?

Assistant Manager. Manager. Assistant General Manager. Deputy General Manager. General Manager. Chief General Manager. Principal Chief General Manager. Executive Director.

Can a CA become RBI governor?

RBI Governors Eligibility but any individual who holds a Graduate degree/ Post Graduate/ Chartered Accountant can become a Governor of RBI provided that he had worked in any of the following institutions: ➤ IMF/ World Bank.