Who is the wife of Vishal Tamil actor?

Who is the wife of Vishal Tamil actor?

Vishal had got engaged to actress and sportsperson Anisha Alla Reddy in a grand ceremony attended only by close knit people in March 2019.

What religion is Vishal?

I am born hindu and also proud to be Hindu. I know my caste & religion . I also respect other religions and don’t question their practices howsoever it may contradict my beliefs. Like I respect importance of Mecca, I do expect respect for Shri Ram Janmabhoomi from others.

Is Sana in relationship with Vishal?

But we are not dating. There are times when you connect with a person and the friendship continues for years, but that does not mean you are in a relationship. Sana is a dear friend and I like her a lot. We both share a great bond and I would like to always maintain this friendship.”

What is the meaning of Vishal?

Vishal means great, grandeur, magnificence, prominence, illustriousness and eminence. The meaning is also attributive to the property of being grand. Vishal. Pronunciation. /vɪʃɑːl/