What is Vishal Batra do?

Retail Business Head – North, #icici Bank.

Are Batra brothers twins?

It’s been 23 years since the martyrdom of Kargil Hero, Captain Vikram Batra. His twin brother, Vishal Batra remembered him and penned a heartbreaking note for him. Check it out! At the young age of 24, Captain Vikram Batra achieved great success with his courage and determination in the Indian Army.

Did Vishal Batra join army?

Vikram and I had both wanted to join the army, but I was not recommended by the board on both occasions. We discussed a movie, Prahaar (1991), which was about commando training. He said the training is several times tougher than what they show in the movies.

Did Vishal Batra get married?

The martyred Captian’s twin brother Vishal revealed in a recent interview that both he and his parents tried to to convince Cheema to get married and move ahead in life, but she chose to remain single.