What happened with Vitaly Youtuber?

He made millions from his videos, but has since faded from the spotlight after an April 2020 arrest for aggravated battery in Miami and a skydiving accident that left him severely injured just months later. And after returning to YouTube in recent months, he is plotting a major comeback in 2022.

Is Vitaly still rich?

As of November 2022, Vitaly’s net worth is roughly $7 Million. What is this? Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a Russian-American YouTube personality.

How much is Vitaly getting sued?

Russian oligarch and Monegasque resident Vitaly Malkin is suing the Credit Suisse banking group for financial losses that are, to say the least, significant: 500 million Swiss francs, or 491 million euros. According to the Sunday newspaper Sonntagszeitung, a former banking adviser, Patrice Lescaudron, is at fault.

How did Vitaly get hurt?

Vitaly broke his neck and back after he went up on a sky diving. His fans came to know about his accident from his Instagram stories. The Riverside Country Paramedic personnel rescued him, put him on a stretcher and carried him to the hospital. While lying on the ground, we saw King Vitaly groaning in pain.