Where is Dayanand Shetty from?

Dayanand Shetty

What is Daya Shetty doing now?

Dayanand Shetty The sportsman-turned actor has been a part of many commercials, reality shows and has also worked as a theatre artist. Currently, he is a part of the CIF-Crime Investigation Force show along with the other well-known faces of this segment.

When did Daya join CID?

Dayanand Shetty as Sr. Inspector Daya (1998–2018). He first appeared in episode “The Case of the Anonymous Threats – I” as Sub Inspector Daya. He is referred to as Senior Inspector Daya in later episodes.

How many kg is a 12mm rod?

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How many doors has Daya broken?

The presence of the famous ACP Pradyuman and the strong and charming Daya who now holds the record of breaking down a whopping 1501 doors was revealed on the set of Sabse Bada Kalakar leaving everyone including the judges amazed.

Why CID show is closed?

CID began airing in 1998 and was pulled down in 2018. Shivaji has said in a new interview that the team of the detective-thriller show, CID, felt “unwanted” as their show timing kept shifting for a late-night slot.