Is Vivienne Jolie Pitt biological daughter?

Vivienne is Brad and Angelina’s second biological daughter—she’s now 14. She appeared as young Aurora in her mom’s 2014 movie, Maleficent, according to IMDB. Angelina told Entertainment Weekly that Vivienne was chosen for the role because “the other three- and four-year-old [actors] wouldn’t come near me.

Are Vivienne and Knox Jolie Pitt adopted?

Born in Nice, France, in 2008, along with twin Vivienne, Knox is another of the biological children Jolie and Pitt share, and he’s the youngest of their sons.

Who does vivienne jolie pitt resemble?

The Pitt family genes are clearly very strong: in a new photo posted to Instagram, fans are shocked at how much Vivienne, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s 14-year-old daughter, looks like her paternal grandfather, William Pitt.