What happened to Wendy Lacey Chabert sister?

What happened to Wendy Lacey Chabert sister?

The Mean Girls actress, 39, shared in November that her “beautiful” older sister Wendy had died, writing in an Instagram tribute at the time, “Our hearts are shattered into a million pieces that I don’t know how we will ever put back together again now that you’re gone.”

How old was Lacey Chabert sister that passed away?

Lacey, 39, shared the heartbreaking news that her older sister Wendy had died at age 46 back in November. Now, more than two months since her tragic passing, the actress opened up about the pain she’s felt since suffering the immense loss on Instagram, writing that she ‘desperately wishes she could hug her once more.

Did Lacey Chabert go to college?

Surname is pronounced Sha-bare; full name, Lacey Nicole Chabert; born September 30, 1982, in Purvis, MS; daughter of Tony (a maintenance operations representative for an oil company) and Julie (a home-maker) Chabert. Education: Attended college. Avocational Interests: Photography, reading, Cajun cooking, shopping.

How did Lacey Chabert’s sister?

What was Wendy Chabert’s cause of death? The cause of Wendy’s death remains a mystery. However, it is alleged that she died from a car accident even though these rumours have not been confirmed. She died on 24th November 2021.