Is Gus Johnson part of Smosh?

Gus Johnson (b. 1995) is an American YouTuber who is most known for his skit-based videos. From 2018 to 2021, he became a frequent collaborator with the Smosh cast, appearing notably in videos for the Try Not To Laugh Challenge series, and made multiple appearances as himself in ONE LETTER OFF YOUTUBERS.

Why did Wes go to jail?

Just before author Wes Moore graduated from college, the other Wes Moore joined his brother and two others in a jewelry store robbery that ended with the fatal shooting of an off-duty police officer. Wes received a sentence of life in prison for his role in the robbery.

Is Wes still friends with Smosh?

Wes confirmed in the video that they are still close friends and will continue to cosplay together, but that they both believed breaking up was the right decision.