What nationality is Lil Flip?

Lil’ Flip

Does Lil Flip have kids?

Wesley Weston aka Lil Flip and I have a 4 year old son together. I am not one of those fame hungry women that puts all of their business out there for attention, but I feel that I have been pushed to the limit by this man, and I want people to know the real “Lil Flip”.

Is flipp Dinero Jamaican?

Flipp Dinero on How His Haitian Background Shaped His Artistry & What He Learned From Touring With ‘Big Brother’ Tory Lanez. Flipp Dinero talks to Billboard about his friendship with Tory Lanez, the success of his new single “Leave Me Alone” and his Haitian background.

Who is Dru downs dad?

It also featured Dru Down’s first collaboration with his father, Bootsy Collins, which was followed by a guest appearance on Collins’ album Fresh Outta ‘P’ University.

What hood is Lil Flip from?

Cloverland is a neighborhood located on the south side of Houston, Texas, United States. Cloverland was the home neighborhood for Lil Flip and many other Houston rappers.

Where was David Banner born?

David Banner