Was Zendaya’s dress wet?

Zendaya’s latest appearance at the Venice Film Festival caught the attention of one and all. The Euphoria actor stunned in a beige Balmain leather dress. The body-hugging ‘wet’ dress fitted the 25-year-old actor perfectly. The fashion house took to social media to reveal how that was achieved.

How was Zendaya’s Balmain dress made?

It required a three-dimensional mould of Zendaya’s entire torso, from her shoulders down to her hips, that was then made into a glossy mannequin. Mercier then shaped the calfskin and lambskin to fit her body precisely.

What was Zendayas dune dress made of?

Zendaya is on Dune and that’s enough reason for us to say that we can sense a masterpiece coming.

Who designed Zendaya’s dress?

Roach shares that Valentino actually made three dresses for Zendaya for the occasion, and while they were all “incredible,” none of them felt quite right. Suddenly, the winning design came to him in a dream. “I woke up in the middle of the night and called Valentino, asking them to make this new dress,” Roach says.