How old were The Golden Girls supposed to be?

In The Golden Girls, the characters are believed to be between the ages of 47-55, while the women in And Just Like That… are 54 and 55.

How old were the Golden Girl actors during the show?

Betty White was 63 when the series began in 1985, but she completely pulled off playing a younger character. The sweet, innocent Rose Nylund was 55 when the series began, as Dorothy revealed in the Season 1 episode “Job Hunting.”

Who was the youngest on The Golden Girls?

Rue McClanahan wasn’t too far behind in terms of age; the actress was only one year younger at 52 when she started playing her character Blanche. She was the youngest Golden Girl and at least ten years younger than the other women.

How old was Dorothy during Golden Girls?

Dorothy was regarded to be in her mid-50s in the first season of The Golden Girls (Bea Arthur was 63 when the show began). In the show’s final season in 1992, Dorothy’s age is stated as 62 (Bea Arthur was 70 at the time).