Are deadstock shoes fake?

Deadstock shoes are models that are brand-new, unboxed, and have never been worn. They are sold by resellers or at reselling platforms.

What does a deadstock mean?

Inventory that doesn’t turn over – that doesn’t sell – is often referred to as dead stock. With businesses that don’t use inventory management software, dead stock can remain on warehouse shelves forgotten and useless. Dead stock costs businesses money.

How does StockX know if shoes are deadstock?

StockX will consider the age of the shoe when determining whether it passes our verification process. Specifically, StockX will allow an older shoe to display some unavoidable signs of ageing or yellowing, but this is not a guarantee that an older shoe will pass verification.

Is deadstock good to buy?

Deadstock is a great option for brands just starting out. Because the fabric is already made, there are no minimums. This makes it easy for designers that are small and self-funded to buy a few yards, and not have to invest capital into fabric they may not need.