What is metatarsal footwear?

Like steel toe boots, metatarsal boots protect your toes from impact and compression injuries. However, they also protect your metatarsal bones and joints – from the tips of your toes to about a bit above where the tongue of most work boots starts. Feel each of your toes with your hand and continue upward.

What’s the difference between steel toe and metatarsal?

In addition, metatarsals are not large bones and break easily. Metatarsals are not protected by steel toe shoes. Steel toe shoes protect the toes (and puncture from underneath). The image below shows the difference between steel toes and metatarsal guard protection.

When should metatarsal guards be worn?

The guards should be used in any workplace where there is a danger of injuries caused by heavy items falling, dropping or rolling onto the top of the foot. They may be manufactured from aluminum, steel, lightweight composites or synthetic materials.

Are Met guard and metatarsal the same?

A met guard, or metatarsal guard, as it is also known, is the evolution of the steel toe boot; a metatarsal guard protects the top of your foot from injury in the same way a steel toe cap covers your toes. Met guards come in two distinct flavors, internal and external.