Are squeaky shoes defective?

In most cases, it’s because two materials are rubbing together. New shoes that squeak are defective. Return them to the store where you bought them. If the store won’t take them back, consider mailing the shoes to the manufacturer along with a letter explaining the problem.

Why do kids wear squeaky shoes?

Squeaky shoes encourage movement and exploration and are also a great motivator for beginning walkers. These shoes fit from 9 months old up to four years old, depending on the size of your child. DESIGNED FOR FIRST-TIME WALKERS: Help your soon-to-be toddler learn to walk correctly by promoting healthy walking.

Why are new shoes squeaky?

New Shoes. Leather shoes usually squeak when they’re new because of the insoles rubbing against the shoe’s inside. It’s caused by friction between the leather surfaces, as most have smooth leather interiors. Shoe squeaking typically occurs around the toe joints in this case.