Does Brooks make good walking shoes?

Brooks, known as a running shoe brand, has a few walking shoes that are great for walking such as their Addiction Walker GTS. Although this shoe is designed as a running shoe that offers cushion and support for runners, this shoe is also great for walking around all day.

Which Brooks is the most comfortable?

Brooks Ghost 14 With soft cushioning, neutral support, and a plush fit, the Ghost 14 provides enough comfort and support for both road running and cross-training.

Are Brooks ghosts good for walking?

The Ghost is Brooks’ flagship running shoe and one of the best running shoes in the U.S. because of its comfortable fit, soft feel and reliable performance. The Brooks Ghost 13 is suitable for both walkers and runners and is for distances from a 5k to a marathon.

Which shoe brand is best for walking?

Derby Kicks. Puma. Nike. Red Tape. New Balance. ASICS. Skechers. Sparx.