Could Jeff Bezos buy a country?

Could Jeff Bezos buy a country? Even if Bezos could afford to purchase an entire country, he wouldn’t find a country for sale. His best bet would be to buy a micronation, or even a digital twin of a real country in the metaverse.

What does Jeff Bezos invest into?

Bezos primarily invests through his Washington-based investment firm Bezos Expeditions. The venture capital firm made several prudent investments in early and late-stage ventures since its inception in 2005. Apart from this, he also owns Nashville Holdings LLC, through which he bought The Washington Post in 2013.

What Elon Musk can buy?

Musk can very well buy Manchester United if he wishes, and of course if the Glazers are willing to sell. In fact, he can buy all of the top-50 most valued sports teams and still be left with $107 billion meaning he will still be richer than Warren Buffet and Reliance boss Mukesh Ambani.

What is Jeff Bezos source of wealth?

Bezos made much of his fortune by founding and running e-commerce giant Amazon, which he started in late 1994. He stepped down as CEO of the company last year but remains executive chair of its board. He also owns The Washington Post and Blue Origin, a rocket company.