What celebrity has natural blonde hair?

There’s some natural blondes in Hollywood that may take you by surprise, however. Did you know actress Emma Stone, 29, is a blonde by nature? We thought the blonde hair she had in Spiderman looked REALLY good, it totally makes sense that it’s her natural color! Actress Jennifer Lawrence, 27, is also a natural blonde!

Are there any natural blondes?

Only 2 percent of the world’s population has naturally blond hair. If you narrow your sample to white people in the United States, that percentage goes up, but only to 5 percent. But look at women in leadership positions and you’ll see a lot of golden tresses.

Who was the first blonde to exist?

In mythology, blondes’ first appearance was 11,000 years ago with two of the Norse, or Scandinavian, goddesses, Sif and Freyja. Freyja was the goddess of beauty, love, and fertility.