What colors go with blue shorts?

Blue shorts can be worn with a white, black, green, yellow, beige, or even multi-colored top, and each will blend perfectly. You can also use your imagination and try a variety of different colors before finally choosing one but do not overthink it, just have fun with it.

What Colours go with dark blue clothes?

After taking a peek at some street style inspiration, we’ve realized this color is probably the most versatile … ever. Red, pink, beige, black — mysteriously, it works with them all.

What color shirt will match navy blue shorts?

First, decide on shirt colors that flatter you, then from those what looks best with navy. Almost everyone looks great in white. Tan, khaki, yellow—not so much. If pink looks good on you that’s great with navy, or a shade of light green if you wear green.

What color do dark blue pants go with?

A light gray shirt works well with navy blue pants as it creates a simple outfit that is elegant. This is a great color for going with any color of pants. You can wear navy blue or black pants with a grey shirt without it looking awkward or out of place.