What would a green shirt go with?

As a general rule, you can always go for neutral green and black or green and white color combinations if you are just starting. But, if statement pieces are what you are looking for, pairing green with violet, blue, or orange can make your outfit really pop and stand out from the crowd.

What colors pants go with green?

Dark green pants look great with black, white, or any other neutral tone like white, ivory, beige, tan, brown grey, and black. Also, because they are dark, you can go bolder with a color like pink, blue, or a lighter shade of green for a monochromatic look.

Can I wear a green shirt with black pants?

A dark green shirt and black jeans worn together are a perfect match. Finishing with a pair of tan suede casual boots is an easy way to bring a bit of depth to this outfit. Wear a dark green shirt and black jeans to achieve a razor-sharp and current off-duty ensemble.