What 4 colors make green?

True green is just yellow and blue, but some of the Analogous colors (the next door colors on the color wheel) are comprised of red, blue and yellow, just more yellow and blue!

What colors make shades of green?

I simply wanted to demonstrate that although the basic formula of how to mix green color is quite simple – blue and yellow make green. There are multiple ways to go about creating different shades of green by mixing blue and yellow together. As there are many different shades of yellow and blue colors.

What primary colors make green?

The foundation of color mixing is the three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. By mixing these primary colors together in different combinations you can create all the colors of the rainbow. The colors that make green are yellow + blue.

What two colors make up green?

Starting at the very beginning, you can make a basic green color by mixing yellow and blue. If you are very new to color mixing, a color mixing chart can be helpful. When you combine the colors opposite each other on the wheel, you will create the color between them.