How many kids does juggling Jenkins have?

Meet Tiffany Jenkins, a mother of three from Sarasota, Florida, and the woman behind “Juggling the Jenkins.”

How old is Juggling the Jenkins?

A star was born. Since then, Jenkins, 33, has launched a website,, and made scores of videos that have attracted millions of views.

How long has Tiffany Jenkins been sober?

But that crime saved her life. Now clean for six years, the blogger — who has 3.5 million Facebook followers — has a new memoir, “High Achiever: The Incredible True Story of One Addict’s Double Life” (Harmony Books), chronicling her spiral into substance abuse.

Who are Tiffany Jenkins kids?

Tell us about your children? Aw man, Kaiden is my first born, he popped out on my birthday—thanks for that pal. Chloe was born 16 months later and my bonus daughter Aubrey came to live with us full time 2 weeks after Chloe was born. They are each incredibly different and equally awesome.