Who is the owner of Rick’s Restoration?

Who is the owner of Rick’s Restoration?

Rick Dale – Metal artist, antique restoration expert, and owner of Rick’s Restorations. Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, who is one of Dale’s top customers, has praised Dale’s work by calling him “a certified miracle worker”.

Why was American Restoration Cancelled?

This was after the show fired Rick Dale and their original cast, replacing them with a new cast and five new restoration shops. Therefore, the show was cancelled after it lost its magic due to the dismissal of Rick Dale and the rest of the team.

Is American Restoration still being filmed?

So, it came as quite the shock when the crew was fired by the History Channel, and the seventh season of American Restoration no longer focused on Rick’s Restorations, but five different shops. The show ended shortly after.

Is Rick’s Restoration still in business today?

Even though Rick and Kelly no longer appear on the show or in their shop, the website for Rick’s Restorations is still up and running.