What job does Victoria from The Bachelor have?

What job does Victoria from The Bachelor have?

She currently resides in Los Angeles and is the founder of two companies, Vikki Larson Beauty (opens in new tab) and JetSetGlo (opens in new tab), a mobile spray tanning company targeting “jetsetters,” a lifestyle that Larson herself has recently outgrown, according to her official ABC bio.

Is Victoria Paul really a nurse?

Licensed Practical Nurse professional with four years of dermatologic expertise at one of the top-rated private practice dermatology offices in Louisiana.

Was Victoria from The Bachelor hired?

Is Victoria Larson an actress on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25? “Queen” Victoria hasn’t revealed that she was hired by producers or even told by any Bachelor bigwigs to act a certain way so that she can up the cringe factor and drama on Matt’s season.

What does Victoria Larson do?

She runs her own company, Vikki Larson Beauty. The business offers dry brushes, health coaching sessions and self-tanner. The Jet Set Glow self-tanner serves as an accessible offshoot of her L.A.-based mobile spray tanning service Jet Set Glo.