What oil paint is similar to Bob Ross paint?

Gamblin 1980 Oil Paints The 1980 line of oil paints has been commended for their lack of oiliness, making them very well suited to the Bob Ross technique of wet on wet landscape painting. The consensus on our forums is that these are one of the best alternatives available.

What does Bob Ross use to coat his canvas?

He used a thin, oil based white mixture that he called “Magic White”. It was basically, white pigment in linseed oil, about the consistency of cream. He coated the canvas with a very thin coat of his magic white before he began. Bob Ross, Robert Warren, and many others you see on TV were students of William Alexander.

What type of paint brushes did Bob Ross use?

Bob uses the same four brushes for the majority of his paintings: a 2-inch flat brush, a 1-inch flat brush, a fan brush, and a palette knife.

What do I need to paint a Bob Ross painting?

Here are the supplies that you’ll need: 11” x 14” or 12” x 16” Pre-stretched primed canvas Table covering to protect from paint Easel Bob Ross odorless paint thinner in a container Paper towels, to clean the paint off your brushes Palette or palette paper taped on table covering shiny side up.