Does Andrea Bocelli speak English?

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli speaks a little English, but he feels more comfortable doing interviews with a translator, which turns every Q&A into a really polite, exceedingly stilted game of Telephone.

What languages does Virginia Bocelli speak?

Virginia is more fluent in English than in Italian, to the point that she thinks in English in her little head. When she was younger, I would try to speak English with her in front of other people, while we were abroad. But she answered in Italian and I asked her why.

Does Andrea speak Spanish?

The Italian tenor does not speak Spanish (unlike Laura Pausini) and has yet to record an entire album in that language (unlike Pausini, Eros Ramazotti, and Nek). Yet Bocelli’s past two albums have sold millions of copies in the Latin region on the strength of merely a few Spanish tracks each.

Does Bocelli sing in Spanish?

Andre Bocelli does an outstanding vocal singing as only he can do and his spanish is very clear and the album or CD is a must buy! I was so imspire listening to the many spanish songs he sings in this CD.