What Greek name means life?

ZOE. Short and simple, the name Zoe is timeless. It originates from the Greek word for life, zōē. It’s also super popular in the US in recent years, but that shouldn’t stop parents from adding this hip baby name to the potential yes list.

What names means new life?

Alba: Spanish — “New life.”. Anastasia: Russian — “New life.”. Evie: Hebrew — “Life.”. Renee: French — “Reborn.”. Zoe: Greek — “Life.”.

What girls name means live?

Eve: This classic name comes from a Hebrew word meaning “to live” or “to breathe.”

What names mean beautiful life?

Aoibbhe means “beautiful life” and looks like it could be a Gaelic spelling for “Abbie” but is pronounced much differently and sounds closer to “Ava.” Aoife, meanwhile, is pronounced closer to Eva or “ee-fuh.” It means “one who gives life” and is the name of a famous folk singer who often appears on NPR (Aoife O’ …

What Hebrew name means life?

Chaim is a Hebrew name meaning “life” or “living.”

What name means goddess of life?

Isis (Egyptian) – goddess of life and magic. Jaya (Buddhist) – means “victory,” name of a Buddhist goddess.