Who is marlens?

Neal Marlens (born November 8, 1956) is an American television producer and writer. He is known for work on the television series Growing Pains, The Wonder Years and Ellen, all with his wife, fellow television producer/writer Carol Black.

Are Anthony Davis and LeBron friends?

Beyond the unlikely tandem of early morning exercise maniacs Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook, star forwards LeBron James and Anthony Davis also have enjoyed a close and supportive friendship during their three seasons (and counting) as Lakers teammates.

Why does Anthony Davis wear a short sleeve shirt?

Anthony Davis Reported purpose of the undershirt: Stabilization of muscles and movements following work with New Orleans Pelicans head trainer Duane Brooks, along with a pad for the AC joint.

What is that tattoo on Anthony Davis right arm?

On his right forearm, this time on the inner side is a big cross. Like the “NALA” tat, it is also surrounded by stars and doves. Right above the cross tat is “RIP.” This could signify that the tattoo is dedicated to Davis’ departed loved one.