Is Brandi Rhodes black or white?

In 2015 at WrestleMania, Rhodes became the first African-American woman to be a ring announcer for a major American wrestling promotion. She then became the first woman of color to appear in a match at Wrestle Kingdom in 2018.

Why is Cody Rhodes hair white?

It was a play on Death of Superman, he had the mullet, he had a change, he had a different outfit — nobody got it.” said Cody Rhodes. A few days later, the former AEW star dyed his hair back to blonde and has kept it ever since.

How long have Brandi and Cody Rhodes been together?

Cody Rhodes and his wife, Brandi Rhodes, became wrestling royalty after tying the knot in 2013 — and they later teamed up as fighters. While the duo met back in 2011 while working at WWE, it wasn’t until a spooky date night that Brandi knew the six-time tag team championship winner was The One.

What is Cody Rhodes neck tattoo?

The former Intercontinental Champion revealed on Instagram that he wore a lot of symbols and wanted a brand of his own. This is why he chose the nightmare family tattoo. It represents the individual identity of Cody Rhodes as well as his American roots and culture.