Is cantlay an American golfer?

Patrick Cantlay is a 28-year-old from Long Beach, California who is currently one of the top-ranked golfers in the world. Patrick has one of the most decorated amateur resumes to date, including being the number one-ranked amateur for 54 consecutive weeks.

Where did cantlay go to college?

Patrick Cantlay

Is McIlroy Catholic or Protestant?

McIlroy is a Catholic but he has grown up in the British model. His schooling, his exams, his television programmes and currency – everything about his everyday life – were of British influence.

What is Schefflers net worth?

Recently, the net worth of the American professional in 2022 has been estimated at $4 million, and his overall PGA Tour earnings stand at a whopping $13 million. However, given the rise of Scheffler, his net worth may be more than expected.