What illness does Nadal suffer from?

Nadal suffers from Müller-Weiss syndrome, which he was diagnosed with in 2005, the same year he won his first French Open.

Where did Rafael Nadal grow up?

The island of Mallorca is home sweet home to Rafael Nadal. The world-renowned tennis player was born and raised in Manacor, a town on the east side of the island where in 2016 he opened the high-performance Rafa Nadal Academy.

Who is considered the best tennis player ever?

1. Serena Williams. Arguably the all-time GOAT, Serena Williams currently holds 23 grand slam titles, second only to the great Margaret Court. Serena has shone both on the singles and doubles court, winning 14 grand slam doubles titles (all of which were alongside her sister Venus).

How much does Nike pay Nadal a year?

Despite his modesty, the partnership with Nadal is worth a lot to Nike who pay him more than $10 million per year for the association.