Does Guerrero Jr speak French?

“We’re in a Dominican house, having a Dominican lunch with a Dominican family, and I’m speaking French.” If the son is less a teenage mystery than Guerrero père was, he’s also a much less reticent interview. He smiles when asked about his grandmother, who famously moved to Montreal to be with her son while Guerrero Sr.

Where was Vladimir Guerrero born?

Vladimir Guerrero

Where was Vladimir Guerrero raised?

Vlad Jr. was raised in the Dominican Republic, but he was born in Montreal in 1999, as Vlad Sr. was entering his prime with the Expos. He has a Canadian passport.

What does Vlad write in the dirt?

“First, he holds the bat (by) the barrel, and with the handle of the bat, he reaches down and writes ‘Dios’ into the dirt of the home plate circle— “God” in Spanish.