How far did Arthur Gunn Go on American Idol?

Wichita resident Gunn, who earned fame when he was the runner up on the 18th season of the popular ABC show “American Idol,” had been selected by a nationwide vote to return and compete for Season 19 as well.

What happened to Arthur Gunn on American Idol finale?

American Idol’s Arthur Gunn Dropped Out of Finale Due to ‘Personal Morals’ and ‘Unpleasant’ Experiences.

What happened between Arthur Gunn and American Idol?

Arthur Gunn Says ‘Personal Morals and Values’ Caused Him to Miss ‘American Idol’ Finale. After Arthur Gunn failed to show up for Sunday night’s American Idol finale, the singer blamed his absence on “personal morals and values,” while inviting the stood-up Sheryl Crow to join him for a…

Who won American Idol 2022?

Noah Thompson is taking home the crown. The reveal that Thompson won came Sunday night during the three-hour finale, but not before some final challenges and star-studded performances. The show opened up with Flo Rida performing his hit “Good Feeling” with an assist from both current and past contestants.