What planet has the worst smell?

A new study suggests the atmosphere on the planet Uranus is composed of hydrogen sulfide, the same molecule that makes rotten eggs smell bad.

What does Mercury planet smell like?

Mercury has a very sparse atmosphere and so would not have much of a smell at all. Venus and Mars, much like Uranus, have substantial quantities of eggy hydrogen sulphide. For Jupiter, the smell would depend on where you were in the atmosphere.

What does the Pluto smell like?

You would suffocate instead. But if you were to somehow concentrate the chemicals of Pluto’s atmosphere, then you would smell, surprise here, nothing, because methane, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide present Pluto are smell-less [[9]].

What does NASA smell like?

Astronauts have reported that the space they sniffed in the airlock of an orbiting vehicle smelled like gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum, which is not exactly lemongrass and patchouli oil.