Who is Jhene Aiko husband?

Jhené Aiko

Who is Jhene Aiko first baby daddy?

Singer and songwriter Jhené Aiko had her daughter, Namiko Love, with her first baby daddy, O’Ryan Omir Browner, 35. O’Ryan is a singer and the younger brother of another musician, Omarion. He released an album in 2004 aimed at a young audience, but to public knowledge, hasn’t worked on a record since.

What is Jhene Aiko ethic?

While Aiko initially addressed the fact that she is no more Black than she is Asian, Jhene spoke about a fan about her ethic mix saying, “Whispers, cat hair, slauson asphalt and sand from venice beach.” She then followed up that tweet with the message, “I am less black that someone half black, but also less white that …

Is Aiko Japanese?

The lovely Japanese name Aiko has the special meaning of “little loved one.” This charming name is a popular Japanese name, perfect for celebrating baby’s heritage!