How many children does Queen Naija have?

How many children does Queen Naija have?

Queen Naija And Her Two Sons ♥️ Chris And Legend ♥️ | Chris and queen, Mommy moments, Celebrity kids.

Is Queen Naija still married?

Chris Sails Confirms That He & Queen Naija Are Divorced, Says That Not Putting God First Led To Their Marriage Failing.

Is Queen Naija still colorist?

She didn’t directly note the skin tone of those she was talking about, but that didn’t stop the internet from running with the narrative that the singer was a colorist. While she has repeatedly apologized for her word choices, Queen has stood ten toes down that she isn’t a colorist.

How many surgeries did Queen Naija have?

Prior to 2019, Queen Naija hadn’t spoken publicly about getting any surgery. However, following the birth of her first child, a son named Legend, in January 2019, she opted to get liposuction, a fat transfer and a butt lift.