Is it okay to wear black on birthday?

It is a common misconception that wearing a dark or black color on your birthday will bring you bad luck. Don’t believe it and celebrate your birthday in whichever color you like. You can wear it at your birthday party, wedding, office, graduation ceremony, etc.

What should I wear on my 12th birthday?

What to Wear on Your 12th Birthday For girls, dressy skirts and dresses are a great choice. You can also wear jeans, but make sure they’re nice ones. For boys, dark-wash jeans or khakis work well with a button-down shirt or polo shirt.

What should I wear on my 16th birthday?

Long dresses, a formal jumpsuit or romper, a long skirt, or pantsuit, are all great choices for a formal sweet 16 party. If you must wear a romper, go for one with a skirt overlay to give it that added formality.