Do they make 000 pants?

Crew now offers size 000 pants for Americans who want a new cool headband.” Others criticized the company for vanity sizing, the controversial (and pervasive) practice of assigning smaller sizes to clothes to essentially flatter someone into making a purchase.

How small is a size 000?

A size 000 is categorized as “XXXS.” According to J. Crew’s size chart, it is equivalent to a 23-inch waist.

What age does size 000 fit?

Size 000 is intended to fit babies from 0-3 months, and size 00 is for babies from 3-6 months. Some bigger newborns might be ready to go straight into a size 00.

Is a 24 inch waist a size 0?

When you see a size 24 in jeans, this is referring to your waist size in inches. So a 24 is equivalent to a size 0.